Monday, April 24, 2006

Waikiki - what else

Waikiki beach is the most famous of all the Hawaii beaches. It is almost perfect in every way - long days of endless sun, fine golden sand, excellent surfing and body surfing, a long stretch of shallow sandy bottom lagoon ideal for swimmers, both inexperienced and experienced, protected areas with no waves and exposed areas with frolicking waves, lots of water activities from catamaran cruises, hobby cat sailing, paddle boats and snorkelling trips and most of all, lots of people, lots of high rise hotels with fantastic views, lots of restaurants and good nightlife.

Waikiki Beach is located on the sheltered south coast of Oahu a few miles to the east of downtown Honolulu. Waikiki stretches for almost four miles in an almost unbroken stretch of soft white sand and has over a hundred high rise hotels to choose from and lots of smaller inns and units for rent but only a few of these are absolute beachfront.

Waikiki from the air

Waikiki from the 'Pier'

Kapi'olani Park Beach

Waikiki Surf

International Market

Hawaii's royal family enjoyed private estate living in Waikiki for more than 500 years before the arrival of outsiders in 1792. Prior to the building of the Ala Wai Canal, rain-fed streams from the Ko'olau Range filled fishponds and pools in Waikiki, a wetland area of taro, sweet potato and banana farms whose ocean-side farmers supplied the community with a diet rich in shellfish. With the arrival of whaling ships and foreign visitors, royal estates were replaced with luxury hotels and Waikiki's way of life was changed forever. During your first days on O'ahu, journey through Waikiki's story - from past to present - and take a stroll along its white sand beach as you reflect on the island's rich past and modern-day abundance.

Collection of Waikiki Fotos
Waikiki Historical Trail
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